Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Today's Progress

Today I woke up sick :( so I didn't do very much.  I decorated my wipes cases and the changing mats.  I also made a small baby powder bottle :)
These are the wipes cases I made.  They are made out of felt and the wipes are made from soft diaper material.  I ironed interfacing to the felt to make it stiffer and so the slit on them doesn't get bigger.
 The changing pads are made with cotton material and printed knit material.  They have fasteners made of felt and they close with velcro.
 The baby powder bottle was fun to make.  I got a small piece of Styrofoam, felt, glue gun, and the top part of an empty baby powder bottle.  I covered the Styrofoam square with felt using my glue gun.  After that I glued the baby powder cap on the top of the felt covered Styrofoam square.  I then cut strips of the felt to glue around the bottom of the cap and the top of the square to secure it more.  I cut an oval out of white felt to sew on the words baby powder and glued it on to the front of the square and I had a small baby powder bottle :)  
The flowers and hearts were done using my lovely BIGkick machine.  We will see how I get on tomorrow :)

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