Saturday, 25 July 2015

Another Fabric Doll House

After I made my lovely doll house I showed you in my Little Fabric Doll House post, I decided to give another kind of house a try.  I'd seen another type of doll house that I thought was cute and would be fun to make.  This is the site I got the tutorial from U.K. lass in U.S. :)  It is a very good clear tutorial with pictures.  I made mine with fabric, felt, batting and plastic canvas and I made a little couch and bed for it.  I got help to make the little couch from here Thatch Cottage.  It's a very nice, clear tutorial.  The little bed was just a sponge I covered in fabric with a pillow I made out of felt and a little blanket.  I used my handy dandy BIGkick machine to make the flowers and some of the other appliques I put around the house.  For this little house I decided to use a bendy rope doll.  I got mine from this shop little oke dolls.  To make the bendy rope doll into an actual doll, I used the tutorial here myrtle and eunice.  It's a good tutorial with pictures.  My bendy doll didn't have a head though, so I made my own Waldorf style head.  There is a good tutorial for making a mini doll head here Atelier Barbara.  I made my little doll into a fairy :) I gave her a pink and white dress and pink wings made of felt.  I also made a unicorn made of felt.  He was very fun to make and also a bit challenging as I am not the best at sewing by hand.  I used ever helpful google to help me find a template or tutorial to make a unicorn and I found this one, horse pattern.  The pattern came from this site Echoes of a Dream.  I can't seem to find the tutorial or the pattern on the page anymore but I might be looking in the wrong place.  I'll share some pictures of my doll house, Lily the Fairy and her unicorn Maximus :)  You can see more pictures on my FB pageEtsy page or my Pinterest :)
Lily the Fairy
Lily's house

I love Maximus :) 

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