Wednesday, 22 July 2015

More Jointed Dollies

I wanted to continue with my jointed dolls show and tell :D  In my Jointed dollies post I listed several Waldorf doll how to links for you.  I hope they are helpful :) In that post I showed you my wedding dolls, Honey the bee and some Christmas angels :) All those jointed dolls and the ones I'm going to show you were made with my own pattern.  A pattern that I'm still tweaking to make better :)

This little lady started off in a Christmas dress, then I changed her into a red outfit with hearts.
I made her dress and bloomers from an old simplicity pattern I already had.  I had gone to Hobby Lobby when my wife and I visited Texas and I found a treasure trove of printed felt squares :D  I bought myself several and used one of them to make these spotty felt shoes with velcro fasteners and a pink felt heart applique.  I also made her a small red felt purse with a ribbon for a strap and I made her red hair bows.  All the felt heart appliques were made with my trusty BIGkick machine :)
Bella's bows, purse and Mary Janes :)

These little ladies I made for some ladies who custom ordered them.  Evie was first and when I posted her on my FB page a second lady wanted one that looked like Evie doll as much as possible.  So I made Madison :) They have blue eyes and lovely blond hair with pink bows.  I love making hair bows. There is this awesome site where they have loads of tutorials for hair bows.  Here is the link for that site The Ribbon Retreat.  I  made these little girls felt shoes and tights and dungaree dresses :)  The tights were made from size 0-3 month baby tights. I just resized them.  For the dress I just made a pattern but here is a link for a good one The Silver Penny.  It's one for pants but you can just make a skirt instead.


This is Zoey and I loved her hair :) I made her tutu just as colorful. I used tulle in all the colors they sold at the fabric store :) Here is a link on how to make a no sew tutu again :) sewmccool.  She is a colorful ballerina and a couple years ago became someone's Christmas present.  

A couple of years ago I made a Christmas fairy named Holly. She was fun to make.  I made her a Christmasy tutu in red, green and white with a Christmasy bow in front.  I googled holly leaves to make a template to cut holly leaves out of felt to put on her bows, shoes and outfit  hence her name being Holly :D  I loved her wings.  The felt they are made from was a good find in good old Banburys Store.  Her bows I made with the help of this tutorial I found here sisters suitcase blog.  They have a very good picture tutorial there and the template too :) 
 Holly's wings,Mary Janes and bows

Isabella was one of the first dolls I made with my own pattern.  I loved her hair. The yarn I chose for her hair was all crocheted into a long block. I don't even remember what I was trying to make with it. When I undid the block to make Isabella's hair it was all nice and curly.  It came out very lovely :)  I made a purple bow for the front of her tutu and I put purple gems on the tutu as well.  For this doll I chose to try and make fingers and toes.  I found a tutorial here Doing Without.  I don't have any pictures of her toes but you can see her fingers in the picture below.  I've not made fingers and toes on any of my other dolls. I don't really know why.  I might do that next time I make one of these dolls.

I'll share some more dolls with yall in another post.  If you are making your own dolls I hope it is as fun for you as it is for me :)

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