Friday, 17 July 2015

A Cradle for Lilah

Yesterday I went cardboard hunting because I decided Lilah needed a cradle for her baby :) I'd seen a cardboard crib on google someone made a while back, so I decided to try and make one of my own.  I googled for a template for the cradle but only found posts of people showing the cribs they had made and some tutorials.  I liked this one Baby Cradle.  I didn't find a template so I made one of my own and set off making Lilah's doll cradle.
First I got my tools together :D  I got my cardboard, cutting mat, scissors, knife, glue gun & glue sticks, measuring tape, doll, template, pencil and sharpie.
Then I traced my headboard and footboard templates on the cardboard and cut 2 of each.  After they were cut I glued the 2 headboard pieces together and did the same with the footboard pieces.  This makes them stronger.  I then measured the doll to see how long and wide the bottom piece of the cradle had to be cut.  I measured it out and cut it 2 inches longer so I could cut out the tabs at each end that slot into the headboard and footboard pieces.  I cut 2 bottom pieces and glued them together to make that piece stronger as well.  I then cut 4 pieces the same length as the bottom piece and you cut them as high as you want your sides to be.  I glued 2 pieces together to make one side and did the same for the other side.  I then cut the slots out on the headboard and footboard. I forgot to take a picture of the cradle pieces when I had them cut out so I can't show you that.  
It was kind of like this :D sorry for my rubbish drawing.

These are the side bits 

 These are the headboard and the bottom bit.  You can see the slots where the tabs on the side bits go.

After you get the pieces all cut you can decorate the pieces.  You can spray paint it, paint it with acrylic paints, use decorative papers like I did or any way you choose. You then put it together by putting the tabs in the bottom and side pieces into the slots in the headboard and footboard.  
This is what mine looked like :)  

I then made it a pillow and a pad I made with some batting and a little blanket.

Here it is!

Lilah-Mai approved :)

This was very fun to make :)  Good luck to whoever makes one of their own. 

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