Friday, 24 July 2015

Little Fabric Doll House

After I had made the dolls I've showed you I decided to try something different.  I wanted to make something like what I'd found here Pretty Prudent.  I absolutely am in love with the idea of a dollhouse in a vintage suitcase :)  I don't have a vintage suitcase though :D So as it often happens when my mind is full to the brim with crafty ideas I couldn't sleep one night and an idea was born :D
I decided to go ahead and make my own flat doll house and put it together like a book :) It was massive fun to make :D  I used my sewing machine, my handy glue gun, my trusty BIGkick machine, a lot of felt squares and fabric, plus that sturdy interfacing stuff I don't know the name of sorry.  I'll put a picture of it here see if you can get an idea of what it is.

Each panel of my flat house was made with a felt square for one side, fabric for the other side and the sturdy interfacing in the middle to make it stiff.  I made a living room, kitchen, dance room, bedroom and a backyard.  The outside of the flat house I made to look like the front and back of a house and I made it some handles to make it easy to carry around.  I also made a Waldorf inspired mini doll named Molly :) and a little boy doll.  The house is decorated mostly with felt pieces either glued or sewn on.  Molly was 5 1/2 in. tall and made with my own pattern.  She had 4 outfits and the house accessories were 3 floor mats, a teddy bear, a picnic blanket, 2 plates, 2 pb&j sandwiches and 2 glasses of milk.  I'll share some pictures with you. :)

Molly's House
 This is Molly.
Front of Molly's house.
 Back of Molly's house.
Pouch I made for all the little accessories and the doll.

The first scene was the living room :)
2nd scene was the kitchen.
3rd was a ballet dance room.  I used shiny card to make the mirror :)
4th scene was the bedroom.  The wardrobe opens and it had a pouch for Molly's clothes and the little bear can be removed from its basket :)
Molly and bear tucked in bed :)
The last scene was the backyard.  This is Molly and her friend having a picnic :)
 I made plates, pb&j sandwiches and glasses of milk for their picnic :)

I loved making this house and plan to make another one :) There is no tutorial to link you to because this was my idea and I did not write one.  I don't know that I would know how really :) It was fun sharing it here.

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