Monday, 20 July 2015

Some other dollies

I wanted to share some other dolls that I've made.  After the first 2 dolls I made a few more using the same pattern that I found here sarahs-dolls.  I made a superboy, a schoolgirl, a pirate, some little boy and girl dolls and a little girl doll in a Christmas dress.
Here are some of them.

I think my favorite was the schoolgirl doll :)  I made some of these dolls about 3 years ago, some 2.  Most of these were sold on my FB page.  They were very fun to make, especially the pirate and the schoolgirl :) I loved making their outfits as well.  I used all kinds of fabrics and felt.  The hardest thing to make for me was the newspaper boy hat.  It came out ok though.  After I got the hang of making this type of doll I decided a jointed doll was my next project.  I'll share some of those in another post :)

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