Sunday, 19 July 2015

Lilah's baby blankets

When Emily got pregnant I decided to make her baby a cot blanket.  She decided she wanted the sex of the baby to be a surprise so I had to choose a unisex fabric.  I decided on an animal circus panel, so it wasn't hard to put together at all.  I started it when she still had some months to go before she had the baby.  I had to leave it unfinished until the baby was born because I wanted to embroider the baby's name on the blanket.  As we waited for the baby to come I sewed around the animal pictures on the blanket.  When Lilah-Mai finally came I was able to embroider her name on her blanket and we gave it to her for Christmas :)
You can see part of it here :)

Another blanket type thing I made for Lilah was a car seat blanket I made from this site imperfect homemaking.  She's got a great tutorial with pictures.  Emily chose the fabrics and it came out nice :)
Here it is! Lilah snug as a bug in a rug :) <3

The last blanket I have to show you was a very fun project to make.  I found this one here small town small budget.  She's got a great tutorial on there :) It's a good project to use up fabric and ribbon scraps :)  It's a blanket made with fabric and oil cloth and batting.  She made flaps on her blanket decorated with ribbon hoops for the baby to play with.  Under the flaps were family pictures and she made her blanket fold like a bag.  
I made mine with a cotton print fabric, pink polka dotted oil cloth and light pink fleece.  I made 11 flaps out of the fleece for my blanket.  Under each flap I put pictures of Lilah with her mum and dad and also with her pup, Marley.  I made some number stencils and cut numbers out of fabric to sew on each flap.  I also made some felt appliques with my handy dandy BIGkick die cut machine.  On each flap I put 3 ribbon loops made with different ribbons.  I put batting between the fabric and the oil cloth to make it cushiony and sewed bias tape all around to finish it off.  I did not make mine to close up into a bag though.
Here it is!

Awwwww, my gorgeous little baldy pants when she was a tiny baby still :) <3

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