Saturday, 18 July 2015

Mini suitcase

A while back I found the most perfect project to make.  It was a doll house in a suitcase :) hart and sew.  It's amazing and I love the idea.  It was my inspiration to make my own flat doll house :)  I'll share that in another post.  A couple of weeks ago I was googling doll houses in suitcases and I found this quilted suitcase tutorial.  I liked it a lot for Lilah's doll stuff :)  It's a good tutorial with pictures.  Her little suitcase is lovely.  I made quite a few mistakes with mine.  I think it is mainly due to the fact I didn't have a pattern.  I work better with a pattern.  In the end I had to take out the zipper and added some flaps with velcro instead.  There is a suitcase pattern I want to purchase though.  It's this one the sidekick mini suitcase.  I want to try and make another one with this pattern to see how it goes.
To make Lilah's case I used cotton printed fabric, felt, velcro, bias tape and a very sturdy interfacing I do not know the name of, sorry.  I followed the instructions as best I could from quilted suitcase tutorial but added flaps to the sides and the front to put velcro instead of a zipper.  The end result was ok I think, seeing as it was my first ever time making a mini suitcase.
Here it is!

Lilah liked it and was calling it her bag :) I'm having a lot of fun creating stuff for this little princess.

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