Thursday, 23 July 2015

More Dolls

Today I decided to keep going with my doll show and tell :) I thought I'd shared all the jointed dolls I wanted to share here, but nope I forgot one.
Her name is Natalie and she's a birthday girl :) My wife and I went fabric shopping for her dress and we chose a birthday balloon fabric :)  I used an old simplicity pattern I already had for her dress and bloomers.  I googled for a template for a birthday hat.  You can find one here first palette.  I didn't know how to make a pom pom so my wifey took care of that for me.  Here are some instructions on how to make pom poms Pintriedit.  She's got a good tutorial and has several ways of making pom poms there.  I've got a pom pom maker tool now :D It's like this Hobby Craft.  I got mine from my local fabric shop though. She also has a birthday bag made of felt with a ballerina bear inside which is also made of felt.  The bag I just made up.  I cut 5 pieces of felt and made a basket, then added the strap.  The bear is made of felt and I got the pattern from a simplicity pattern I already had.  The little bear is wearing a no sew tutu :) I made her socks out of little kids' socks.  I just resized them and added some lace.  I made her some felt Mary Jane shoes.  I always say to google Mary Jane shoes for dolls but this time I thought I would put some links down for you.  Here are some links for doll shoes.
duitang - Cute bunny shoes tutorial.  It's in another language but it's a picture tutorial so it's ok.
craftbits - Cute felt shoe pattern and tutorial :)
Bella Online - Little slipper shoes tutorial and pattern.
iLovetoCreate - Cute Christmas shoes pattern and tutorial. They are for ornaments but can be used as a doll's shoes and they don't have to be Christmas themed either.
Wanted a new project - A very good tutorial on how to make ballet slippers :)
konfetki - Good tutorial and pattern for cute booties.
Serpentina - She's got several shoe patterns there.
Antique Lilac - She has a tutorial and pattern for making Mary Jane shoes.  Her way of making them is different to mine but I used some of her technique for making the shoes for my newer dolls. I do not glue them on my dolls' feet like she did and her dolls are small and a different kind.  So you just have to take what you can from what she's showing you.
Anyways :) here is Natalie.


On my searches for inspiration or for instruction I saw cute dolls that were not jointed dolls but could sit on their own.  I read about how some dolls are weighted.  So I decided to make one of my own.  I made me a pattern for what I called a floppy baby :D and found this link on how to weight your dolls sarahsdolls.  There are several ways to weight a doll though. Emma was fun to make and she was cuddly.  I want to make another one of these :)  

This is a swaddled baby doll. I made her for a giveaway on my FB page.  I liked the tutorial on this page sarahsdolls.  I made her out of soft material, I think it's diaper material maybe. Then I covered her in the pink spotty one.  I googled how to swaddle a baby to cover her the right way :) then I sewed it up and I sewed a little cap on her head. Here is a video on how to swaddle a baby :) youtube and here is a tutorial and pattern for baby caps Make Sew Baby.  The flower applique was made with my lovely BIGkick machine.    

These little girls were 12 inches tall.  Julia was my 500 likes giveaway doll on my FB page.  They were made with my own pattern.  When I posted my give away doll, a lady custom ordered one like Julia :)  The little dress was made with this tutorial and pattern quaint-and-quirky  I just resized it to fit my dolls.  I made them some felt shoes and used newborn mittens for their socks :D
 custom ordered doll

It was fun sharing these with you all :) I have more to show you in other posts.

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