Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Jointed dollies

I went looking for the pictures of all my old jointed dolls I made so I could put them on here.  When I decided I wanted to make a jointed doll I went on google looking for tutorials and I found plenty of them out there.  Here are several links that are very helpful :)
Fig and Me She makes gorgeous dolls and has a lot of very helpful information and tips.
Nestled Under Rainbows She's got a tutorial for making dolls and talks about how she created her own pattern, which made me realize I could give it a try as well :)
Doing Without She's got a tutorial and a free pattern.  I used this tutorial to learn how to make toes and fingers :) 
Pummbaeren This site has a great tutorial with pictures for making the head.
The Silver Penny This site has a good tutorial for the head and it also has a pattern.
Judi's Dolls She has a video showing how to do invisible jointing, which is what I wanted for my dolls.  I didn't want the buttons on the joints to show. 
Fretta This is another good head tutorial :)
Dolls Fever Another very good head tutorial with pictures.
Farmish Momma This is a link I shared in another post.  It's the tutorial I used when I started making my dolls :)  It's a good one. 

I got my jointed doll pattern from Sarahs-Dolls.  I made a few dolls with this pattern, but I decided to try and make my own pattern.  It was hard as I'd never done it before.  I measured plastic baby dolls.  I looked at how their arms and legs were shaped and went from there.  I'm still not happy with it and will continue to tweak it until I'm happy.  I want to make the legs longer and the feet as well.  I think the arms are a good length, but I want to make them thinner I think.  The body needs work as well.  I've not made one of these dolls in over a year.  When I tweak my pattern to my satisfaction I'll give it another go.  My favorite part of making the dolls is when I get to pick their eye and hair color.  My wifey helps me choose most of the time and she also chooses their names :)  I also love picking what I want to make them to wear.  I'd love to learn to knit so I could make them woolly hats and jumpers.  For now I just make them dresses, shorts, pants, underwear, nappies, socks, tights, shoes, jackets, hats, that kind of thing.  I thought I'd share some pictures of some of the dolls I made with my own pattern :) 

Honey the Bee :)  She was really fun to make.  I kept thinking of different dolls I could make and this little bee came to mind :)  I googled bee wings to get an idea of what to make her wings look like. I made her a black and yellow tutu and here is a very good tutorial on how to make your own no sew tutus sewmccool :) 


This is Noelle and Tilly.  All these dolls were put on my FB page and Etsy page, so when a lady saw Noelle she asked me to make her one with black hair. So I made Tilly for her.  They were made near the holidays so they have a Christmas angel outfit and Noelle also has a regular Christmas dress.  I love her little felt Mary Jane shoes.  If you google felt Mary Janes for dolls you'll find many tutorials and patterns.  Noelle is one of my favorite little dolls, her face to me was very pretty :)  Hopefully their owners are still happy with their dolls.


One of the custom orders I had that made me the most nervous was an order made by a man for his wedding day.  He and I exchanged many messages about how he wanted the dolls to be.  In the end he was very happy and I was happy with my officer's cap! The gold buttons on his jacket were actually silver but I spray painted them gold. The groom's doll was the hardest to make but very fun :) I used these tutorials for an officer's hat to help me make mine Brass Goggles and Tracing Rainbows.
Very good tutorials with pictures.  
I didn't know if I would be able to do it but I liked how it all came together. The bride liked her surprise too :)

Officer's Hat :)

I'll share some more of my jointed dolls with you in my next post :)



  1. Really glad that the officers hat tutorial was useful - thank you for sharing it with others!!

    1. :) was very helpful. thanks for coming by for a visit :)