Thursday, 14 January 2016

first post of the new year

I've not posted on here for a long time.  The last time I posted I was working on my
Christmas projects so I could finish them before we went on our holiday to the USA
to see my family.  Well I did finish everything I wanted to make :) I made 3 diaper bags,
a craft apron, small pillow, 2 travel doll houses, 2 dinosaur mats and 2 busy books.
The diaper bags I showed off in this earlier post.  Three of our Texas nieces got those
with 3 dolls I made :)

We've got a little nephew in Texas who loves crafts! :) so we got him a big plastic box 
and filled it with all sort of crafty bits and I made him a craft apron :)  I got the pattern from
here.  I changed it a little bit though.  I didn't make the neck strap the same and I added a
felt pocket in the middle of mine.  I made little shapes out of felt and glued them on.  I had 
seen this one and I liked the words on that apron so I embroidered them on mine.
   Here it is!

Two of our nieces got the travel doll houses I made.  I wrote about them in several posts.  This
is the post showing one of the finished houses :) They were both mostly the same except for the 
color of a few things and the little dolls hair color.

Two other nephews got some dinosaur mats :D They were fun to make :) I got inspiration
from a lot of pictures I saw on pinterest some of my favorite ones were these:

This was mine :)

  I also made a pouch to put it in :)
My favorite part of this project was making the volcano!

I think it looked really good :D I made it with a bunch of scraps of brown felt 
all glued together :)

The busy books I made were for one little niece in Texas and for Lilah-Mai, our little niece 
here in the UK.
I've made a total of 4 busy books aka quiet books.  I made 2 last year and 2 this year.  Those
are very fun to make but they are projects that take a whole post for themselves :D So I'll show
you and tell you about them in another post soon :)

It was fun going to see the family in Texas and eating all the things :D Three weeks went by 
too fast.  We came back home to our lovely cat and our beautiful Christmas tree that we put up 
before we left on holiday :)
We got the train in Texas :)

Now it's back to normality.  I have some projects in a queue :)  I want to make a weighted doll.
I've made my own pattern for this and can't wait to try it out.  I also have 2 quilts to make, a
baby dress for our newest baby niece born just today in Texas :)  I also am going to make a puffy
sleeve dress for our baby niece Dezi.  She's just turned 2 :)  
I made one of these dresses for miss Lilah-Mai with a hair bow too :) I used a pattern I got here.
She's got a very good tutorial with pictures.
Here she is!

What am I waiting for you might be asking.  Why are my projects waiting in a queue you ask.  
Well I am waiting for my new sewing machine.  I've been waiting since I ordered it on the 2nd.
There was a mix up with my bank and them but it got fixed and on Monday they said it would be
sent.  I would have it within 1 to 4 business days.  Tomorrow is day 4.  If it doesn't come 
I'll be calling and using my serious voice! 

Hope everyone is doing good so far this new year :)

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