Saturday, 16 January 2016

Busy Books :)

Some of my favorite projects I've worked on have been the busy books aka quiet books.
They are so fun to make.  It's fun to plan out what pages you want to use, plan how to put
them together, gather up all your supplies and then just create it all :) I'm sure some
people out there can whip one of these babies out really quick but not me :D  Busy books
take a little while for me but they are worth it :) and the kids love them.  I've made four of them.
I made 2 in 2014 and 2 last year.  The first 2 I made were different from each other.  Last years
were exactly alike because I was trying to finish them before we went on holiday.
I found so many quiet book page ideas on pinterest :)  These are some of my favorite ones:
Imagine Our Life
Maybe Matilda
PA Country Crafts
bubbles & bobbins
forty-two roads
The Montoya Family
Shill O'POP
how does she?
Empty Bobbin

Their ideas are awesome :) My busy books are mostly all made of felt.  One of the first ones
I made was for one of our little nephews.  It was made of 8 pages and it had 14 activities.
This is our nephew Ryan's book :)
The mailbox one was an awesome activity :) I loved making that one.  Was fun
making the envelopes and letters :)  That page came from here.  Some of the 
other pages came from links that I gave you in this post and others I saw pictures
on google images.  I made changes to some of them and a couple of them I 
made my own.

The second book I made was for one of our nieces in Texas.  Her older sister, Kylie, loves 
the book but she doesn't get to play with it much because sharing isn't Stella's strong point :D
I'm thinking of making Kylie her own for her birthday in May.  She'll be 7, so these books 
work for big kids too! :D  
Stella's book had 8 pages and 11 activities.
This is Stella's book :)

The pages from this book came from the links I shared in this post too. The purse activity
was fun and I looked at this page to help me with the play make up.  I came up with 
a couple of these on my own.  I came up with the animal sounds activity.  I'm sure there
is someone out there who's made a page like this but I didn't look for it and didn't see any.
I was thinking on what else I could put in the book and since kids like animals I thought
a matching game would be fun.  The shopping activity was another one.  I saw some of
those but my wife and I came up with our own version :)   

Last year I made 2 books and they were exactly alike.  Those books had 8 pages and 
14 activities.  Some of the activities came from the links I shared in this post. Some of
them have changes I made.  The frozen page I made up :D I got inspiration from a couple
on google images but I made it my own.  The Elsa doll pattern came from here
Here is one of the books :)
So far these are my only busy books but got another one getting planned in my brain and a
couple others I want to make for Christmas time :D  They are so much fun to make I
do recommend it.


  1. Great job! You put a lot of work into those books!!! My girls still love the purse page and I have been wanting to make more makeup for it, but never got around to it. Yours looks great!

    1. Thanks so much :) I love making the books. I'm planning to make a few more this year :D