Friday, 4 September 2015

Sold a little house :)

I've started working on my travel doll house again.  I wasn't feeling too great for a while but I'm feeling ok now so I've started work on my projects again :)  This week I also sold a little house I had for sale on my Etsy page.  It was this one.  It's on its way to the USA to its new home :)
Today is Lilah-Mai day here so we will be spending time with her and going for a coffee.  After this I will spend some time on my second travel doll house.  I'm hoping to finish this house this weekend and then start work on some quiet books :) I made 2 of these last year for one of my baby nephews and one of my baby nieces :)  I want to make one for Lilah-Mai and another for miss Dezi :)  Quiet books, or busy books as I call them, are very fun to make.  I'll share pictures of the ones I made last year in another post soon.  Now off to start making lunch :D

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