Wednesday, 5 August 2015

The Car Caddy :)

Another project I worked on last year for my nephews were car caddies.  I made 3 of these and they were very very fun to make :) I googled car play mats to get ideas of what I could add to my car caddies and found a lot of very creative ideas :)  I liked the look of the car caddy on this page, The Imagination Station.  She's got a very good tutorial on there with pictures.  I made my own pattern for mine.  I made them into pouches with handles and personalised them with my nephews' names.  I made each with a different fabric and the play mat itself was done in felt.  I lost my pictures so only have pictures of one of them to show you.
This is how my car caddy looked when it was closed :)  It had a velcro fastener and the letters for my nephew's name were made out of felt with my handy dandy BIGkick machine. 

This is how it looked when it was half way opened. There are 3 velcro fasteners to keep it neatly closed.

This is the caddy when I was making it.  I hadn't yet added the street lines and hadn't finished adding the different buildings or the flap where the cars would be stored.

This is how the car caddy looked when I was finished.  The mat on the playing side was all done in felt.  It's a big piece of green felt for the background, black for the streets and other different colors for the buildings.  The street lines were made with yellow embroidery thread.  I also embellished the mat with little felt trees and street lights.

I made a police station which was sewn on the mat with the bottom left unsewn so the car could be put in.  The McDonald's  building is a drive thru :D  I sewed it on the mat on the top and bottom left the sides open so the cars could drive thru :)

There was a garage also with a gas and air pump and a car wash that was also a drive thru :)  
The school, hospital, fire station and HEB grocery shop all had the bottoms open so the cars could be driven in.

This is the flap where the cars are stored.  I decided to make it look like little houses where the cars live :D  The top of the houses was left open so the cars could drive out.

They were very fun to make and the boys liked them a lot.  A very good Christmas present idea :)
I'll share more of last years presents in another post and will also share my new project for the next set of Christmas presents for this year :)

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