Saturday, 8 August 2015

Take Along Fabric Doll House

Today I worked on one of  my bag houses :)  Well they are actually called take along fabric doll houses or travel doll houses.  I made the living room, kitchen, bathroom and dining room.  It was a combination of machine sewing, hand sewing and glue gunning.  I think my favorite room so far is the kitchen.  I was able to embellish the kitchen a lot.  The fridge, cabinets and oven door open. you can put dishes in the sink and there is a bowl on the counter that you can put a spoon in.  There is food in the fridge that you can take out and the dishes in the cabinets can be taken out as well :)  Tomorrow I'm going to start on the bedroom and then work on the outside of the house :)
I love the idea of a take along house :)  It's kind of like the fabric house I made and showed in this post, Little Fabric Doll House.  I found a lot of inspiration for travel doll houses on google. Here are some of my favorite ones :)
Country Kitty - really lovely little travel doll house :)  
pinterest picture - this is a picture of a bedroom for a take along house
craftjuice - cute take along house :)

We will see how I get on tomorrow with what's left to do on the house :)
Here are some pictures of what i did today :)
These are the dining room and the bathroom.

These are the kitchen and the living room.
 A more detailed view of the kitchen :)

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