Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Continued Progress On Doll House

I took some pictures of what I did yesterday and today.  I'm happy with my progress so far :D  Yesterday I did the back of the house and added decoration to the front of the house.  I wanted the house to have a bit where there could be a picnic like in my Molly's house in this post, Little Fabric Doll House.  So I came up with a fold away garden bit with a picnic blanket. Today I put half of the house together with some decorative bias tape.  I also made the straps and put the little doll together.
The doll is about 5 inches tall :) I got the template for it from this page, diets.ru.  They have a good tutorial on there with pictures.  Links to examples of take along doll houses are in my take-along-fabric-doll-house post.  Tomorrow I'll make her some clothes and put the rest of the inside of the house together.  After that house number 1 will be done :D
Here are some pictures of my progress :)
This is the little doll :) I made her some under pants so she'd be ready for the picture :D 
The front of the house with hedges, flower box and butterfly :) You can see the straps were added.
 The back of the house with trees, bird house and hedges.
 The hedges unbutton to reveal a garden in the backyard perfect for a picnic :)  The flowers were done with my BIGkick machine.
 PB&J sandwiches and glasses of milk :)
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