Wednesday, 15 July 2015

New Outfits

I love to sew and having a little girl to sew for here in the UK is great :) I made Lilah 2 new dresses and a shorts set and one with little capris, all with their own hair bow :)  They were all fun to make and it was fun choosing the material to use.  I think I'm seriously depleting my fabric stash.  I will need to do more fabric shopping soon :)  I went looking online for toddler clothes to make and found so many great tutorials and patterns.  I had to make a 'for Lilah' folder on my laptop to have all my favored ones I want to make in one place.
The first dress I made her came from a Simplicity pattern I already had from a few years ago and I think it came out ok.  I love the fabric I chose for this dress.  It was fun and simple to make.  The only problem area for me was the the slit at the collar.  Turning that over was difficult for me.  I'm not sure I did a great job there, but all in all it turned out nice I think.
This is the dress and the British Princess in it :D

The next one I made was a pillowcase dress.  I looked at a lot of different sites to see if everyone made them about the same way.  I chose for the love of craft to make a size 2T dress, so it's still a bit big on her but I think it'll still fit ok next summer :)  That one came out very nice I think.  It was so easy to make and even though it was a bit big, she still looked pretty when she tried it on.  The bloomers came from Sewing Mama Raeanna.  She has a free pattern to use and has pictures of different bloomers she's made :)  
Here it is!

After these I wanted to make her some shorts to wear because it was sunny out, and here in the UK the minute the sun comes out people want to put on summer clothes.  I found some cute things to make for Lilah-Mai :)  I knew I wanted to make her a pinafore dress or blouse, so as I was looking for the one I liked most I found a very cute tunic top to make her.  It's from Shwin and Shwin.  It's called the black bird tunic and it's lovely.  She's got a great free tutorial and pattern there.  The only thing I didn't do was the piping.  The shorts I got from Caila Made.  She's got a free pattern and tutorial.
Here it is and Lilah wearing it :) 

And last is the pinafore I found with some little capris :)  I chose Second Sister.  She's got a free pattern for it there.  It's very sweet and cute :) and Lilah looked adorable in it.  And it's reversible!  I only have a pic of one side though.  For the capri pants I just used the summer shorts pattern I got from Caila Made and made them longer.  I also added some ties to the sides at the bottom.  
Here it is!

We will see what I make next :)

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